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CAR SERVICING - Mobile Mechanic Brisbane - A1 CAR CARE

Need your vehicle serviced?
Why take your car to a workshop and have the hassle of either waiting or
finding a way back home and or too work?
Call A1 CAR CARE, we come to you!
We bring a mobile car repair workshop right to your door.

Mobile Mechanic
Anywhere on the house, in the office, on the road. You no longer have to go to a car repair shop, wait at a car repair shop, or tow a car to fix it. Leave your car at the A1 CAR CARE and save your time and money.
On Site Repair
A1 CAR CARE finishes all repairs in the field with accumulated technology and excellent know-how. We repair all models of all automobile manufacturers worldwide.
Maintenance & Repair
Do you have a doctor who knows you better than to meet a attending physician? A1 CAR CARE is a competent car doctor for you.
Pre-purchase Car Inspection
Are you going to buy a car? Especially if it is a used car, it will be difficult to buy it. A1 CAR CARE will accompany you before purchasing the vehicle and will check the vehicle to be purchased precisely to let you know if it is abnormal.
Car Tuning
If you want to add more black boxes and other special features, A1 CAR CARE will solve them. They can be fitted, refurbished and upgraded to the maximum extent permitted by Australian Government and Queensland law.
Special Car Servicing
All special vehicles can be serviced, from luxury cars to modified vehicles.
Precise Diagnosis
We have the latest scanners to inspect and diagnose all types of vehicles in the world. Finds up to an unidentifiable fault with the naked eye.
Engine & Transmission Repair
It is hard to find a mechanic who can disassemble and install the engine and transmission in the field without lift. A1 CAR CARE can be disassembled and assembled in the field.
It is very important to diagnose and maintain a car suspension that is difficult to see in everyday life. Although safety is directly related, the failure of the vehicle suspension does not appear in the diagnostic unit. A1 CAR CARE makes you safe.
Brakes & Discs
In fact, more important than the engine is brake. It is more important to stop better than to run well. Brake pads and brake disc diagnostics and replacement are also A1 CAR CARE.
Ignition Coils & Spark Plugs
Ignition coils and spark plugs that are easy to overlook before startup failures or engine jarring. But do you know that these parts have a life span and are directly related to fuel economy? The A1 CAR CARE is thoroughly checked even if it is easy to miss.
Belt & Tensioner
The car is rotated by the crankshaft of the engine, so that the peripheral components are rotated by the belt, generating power, cooling circulation, and heating and air conditioning. If the belt is old and broken, the running car stops. Tension bearings, which keep the tension of the belt and turn smoothly, are subject to severe noise at the end of its life. Preventive maintenance is an important part.
Fluids / Oil Change & Filter
We replace all fluids and filters in our vehicles, including engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, coolant. Ten years ago, a car had 10,000 to 20,000 parts, but now more than 30,000 parts are all important. However, the fluids entering the automobile are very important because they are like human blood. A1 CAR CARE will be thoroughly inspected.
Electrical Repairs
Electricity of a car operates electronic equipment such as audio. However, in the case of short-circuit, there is a failure of the electrical equipment and a vehicle fire. A1 CAR CARE is also excellent for diagnosing and repairing electric vehicles.
Air conditioner
Driving in Australia's summer without air conditioning is a challenge. The A1 CAR CARE is the correct answer for the diagnosis and repair of the air conditioner.
Battery life is only 2 to 3 years. Of course, vehicles that have no abnormality in the vehicle's electrical system and that are well maintained are used for a longer period of time, and vehicles with problems have a shorter battery life. The A1 CAR CARE is meticulous from diagnosis to inspection and battery replacement.
Jump Start
Suddenly there is not cranking? Do not worry. A1 CAR CARE will be fixed so that you can run strong.
Tire Replacement & Flat tyre service
If your tire is punk and uncomfortable, please contact A1 CAR CARE. We will do all the work in the field.
4x4 & SUV professional repair
The A1 CAR CARE fixes all vehicles around the world, but especially the 4x4 SUVs. Because of the nature of the site, it is easy to repair the vehicle with high body.
Partial Painting
Are you sad that your precious car paint is damaged? Please use the Partial Painting of A1 CARE CARE.
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